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Virtually all offers I see on detached homes ask for the sellers to provide a survey of the property. Many times the seller doesn't have one but I've had great luck over the years getting a copy from a neighbour whose survey shows more than one house. This was espceially the norm many years ago.

If you're selling and don't have a survey, it's worth checking with the neighbours.


I recently sold my client’s home in Pickering and we found another home that they liked and decided to submit an offer. There were 4 offers on the home and we won the bid even though we weren’t the highest offer.


I always make an effort to connect with the other agent and even more importantly with the seller when I present the offer. I also ensure the seller is aware of who my client is and talk about their family and other aspects that I know would please the seller.

It was quite interesting that the seller and I both knew about main frame computers going way back and we had a good chat about it.


A strong negotiator can be a difference maker in a transaction and I pride myself in working hard to maintain that edge that at the end of the day can significantly benefit my clients.


I still live by the old adage that you have one mouth and two ears and there’s a very good reason for that.


If you or someone you know is considering buying or selling, get the competitive edge that 24 years of experience will deliver.





Here's an awesome house hunting tool. It's called collaborate and it allows you to set up custom searches and save them so you don't have to recreate the criteria every time.
The great thing is that the data is directly from the Toronto Real Estate Board and available to you at the same time as your Realtor gets it. Maybe the best feature is that your Realtor registers you and then the rest is up to you with no pesky emails from the Realtor until you decide, if at all, to contact them.

Send me an email at dave@davepratt.com and I'll take care of the rest and I promise not to bother you unless you ask.