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Why listen to me ?

I could prattle on forever about my heroic deeds in Real Estate, but I think it's much more effective for you to read exact quotes from a smattering of my past delighted buyers and sellers. I'm always amazed when companies cite 90% customer satisfaction as an achievement and yet, if an agent is doing 30 deals a year, he's therefore admitting that he annoyed 3 clients every single year ! If you've been in the business for 10 years, that's at least 30 people running around town with a bad taste in their mouths!

That just doesn't cut it for me.

I take every single transaction personally and treat each client as I would like to be treated. Ninety percent just doesn't sit well with me and nothing less than a goal of 100% is acceptable. Let's face it, when the bulk of your business is based on past client referrals, as mine is, you can't survive on anything less.

As a side note, every one of these quotes is a real quote from a real person. I have eliminated their last names and numbers to ensure they don't get a barrage of calls. Upon request however I assure you that you can speak personally to each of them.


Thanks Dave ! Really appreciate all your help on the search and guidance throughout this whole process, made this a really great experience for me. Once I get the place in order you'll have to come by for a BBQ and some beer!

Trust is paramount

Thank you for all your help with this. It’s been such a difficult situation, as with my mom. But each time I had one less thing to worry about, because I know I can trust you.
Susan S.

I hope it's single malt.

Dear Dave, 
We are so greatful for your patience and guidance through our journey to our new home. We are thankful for all of your advice and support along the way! 
You once again lived up to your licence plate! 
With much gratitude, 
George and Nefeli 
P. S. George still has that bottle of whiskey for you!

A fellow Realtor would know

Hi Dave, you did an absolute perfect job! Thanks you very much for helping John and April. I really appreciate it.

Let me steer you through the maze

Both of us really want to thank you for all your help and the time spent with us. We love the new spot and wouldn’t have been able to get in there without your assistance and helping us navigate through everything.

Jamie A.

It's good to be sane

As much as I've been nuts during this process I've at least been able to stay some what sane thanks to you. Our bank person Andrew was also impressed and really enjoyed dealing with you.

Before we go to bed for the night Frank and I wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done for us. You were able to deal with me when I was stressed out and when I didn't think our place would sell. If anyone we know in the Scarborough/Toronto area needs an agent we'll definately be recommending you. This process went so much better compared to the last time. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get more than four hours of sleep and Frank more than two. Thanks again for getting us to the point we are now. 
Alison B.


Work! Work! Work!

It was great working with you!
Sue B.

We could all stand to lose a little weight

Thanks Dave, it is a weight off of my dad's shoulders, and he is happy that his house set the new standard for his model in Seven Oaks.
Glen S

Just call me Houdini

Thanks again for all of your help over the past few months and especially in helping us get our house. We know that you definitely worked your magic to help us get it.
Lisa M.

Trust me with your referrals

All in all I think Beth & Dale had a very good first time experience in real estate. They certainly got a beautiful home and learned a lot about the ins and outs of buying a house. Thanks for taking care of them so well.
Joe C.

Get it right the first time

Thanks again Dave for all your help, people don’t actually realize what a great agent you are until (like me) they're dumb enough to deal with somebody else.
Kelly and Billy

Knowledge is King

We knew we could trust you to find us a great home in our price range and you went one better. Thanks for searching out our perfect new home.
Emilee P.

Ok so she's a little biased

You've just become my favourite brother-in-law. Thanks for finding the perfect house for us.
Cindy P.

Keeping it in the family

I knew that based on how well you took care of my brother and his family I could trust you to take care of me and my family. You'll be hearing from my dad shortly. Thanks a lot
George P.

Aw Shucks

In case I didn't tell you, you are terrific! Thanks
Julia C.

Pardon my French

You certainly are one hell of a salesman. Thanks very much.
Garry F.

It only took 5 tries to get it right

I've sold 4 homes before this and never could I believe things could go as smoothly as this sale did. Thanks for a job well done.
Doug G

Fear not

Dave I just want to thank you for your excellent job of marketing my home. You were very thorough and also very very helpful when I started to panic. The color brochures of the house were a lovely touch. You were there with a calm head when I panicked and I want to thank you for being so helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that I know who is thinking of selling or buying. Thank you again.
Mary Ann

One stop shopping

As a first time home-buyer and not from the Toronto area, I felt very overwhelmed looking for and purchasing of a home. Dave found me a great location and helped me understand the process to purchasing a home. Dave also arranged a lawyer and mortgage broker which allowed a smooth and worry free environment/closing. Dave was very honest and respectful with me and always looking out and fought for me as a buyer. I highly recommend Dave as an agent and will continue to do so in the future.
Ryan F.

No pressure here

Thanks for a job well done. I was very impressed with your marketing strategy and the fact that you never pushed me into any decisions.
Jack M.

I'll steer you through the maze

Thank you ever so much. We could never have gotten through this without all of your help and guidance.
Cheryl M.

It's not brain surgery either

It's not rocket science. Just hire the right person for the right job !
Gord G.

Making the right choice

Thanks for a great job. When I see all the other Realtors signs still sitting there, it surely validates our choice in a Realtor.
Jim M.

Spreading the good word

Thanks ever so much for all of your hard work. You can be certain I will refer friends and family to you whenever the opportunity arises.
June A.

Knowledge is king

Thanks so much. We were most pleased with your services. Your considerable enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge provided guidance and a swift sale of our home in Seven Oaks. You demonstrated a high level of professionalism coupled with excellent knowledge of the market. We would highly recommend you to others.
Joyce and Jim B

Aw Shucks !

This is the second time I have used the services of Dave Pratt of Keller Williams Referred Realty. To say that Dave is a dynamo at selling houses would be an understatement, but it is his honesty, integrity and diligence that impressed me the most with both sales. He is totally committed to getting you an honest, fair price for your home. I could not recommend anyone higher.
Toty R.

Enough said !

Dave... I have to thank you for being a great guy to work with, and always a lot of fun too. you are great! I'm a very blessed guy to have met you.
Antoine T.

Patience is a virtue

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your patience in dealing with anxious and emotionally attached sellers (especially me). The work that you put into selling our home is extremely appreciated. Thank you for everything.
Mariela and Luis

Lower you phone bills

Thanks for a job well done. I don't know why everyone doesn't just call you.
Alan and Bonnie C.

When time is of the essence

Dave is very experienced at what he does. He is an efficent and outgoing salesperson, which I enjoyed working with. I recommend Dave to anyone in need of a real estate agent, my family and I are thankful for the services he provided us with. Don't waste your time! ... Call Dave now! ! !
Sonia and Shahram

Exceeding expectations

Excellent work Dave, you get 100 percent marks from me. It was really more than what I expected. Thanks and best wishes for you and your business.

Taking care of family

Your help during a very trying time as we moved my brother to a retirement home was invaluable. You sold his home for a very good price in very short order and you did an incredible job of handling all of the details. Thanks ever so much.
Howard H.

Making new friends

This was a very overwhelming situation and frustrating sale, it was more like mission impossible but you made it happen. I would like to thank you for not only selling my house but for making me feel more like a friend than a business associate.
Ginette P.

Another Happy couple

Dave is a very knowledgable Real Estate agent. He comes to all of the house tours perpared with research. His experience is evident when he points out things you would not think of. We appreciated all of his assistance with the purchase of our first home.
Sarah and Ted

A mistake undone

"I wish to God I'd called you first !"
Michael W., Whitby

Gathering no moss

Dave was professional, personable, and productive, left no stone unturned and did a great job both in selling and in finding us our pefect new home.
Joy and Mike C., Scarborough

Time is of the essence

Dave goes the extra mile. He listened carefully to my wife and I to determine exactly what we wanted and didn't want in a house. He inspected every house we were shown prior to us spending time together looking at houses. This was a tremendous time saver as I worked and lived in Toronto before moving to Pickering. Every house we were shown met our basic criteria. We spent no time looking at homes that didn't meet our needs. Dave was always professional and we felt well served through the whole process. Dave returned calls promptly and did the research required to successfully negotiate our purchase. We would whole-heartedly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a property.
Thomas A., Pickering

Let me ease your anxiety

"We whole-heartedly recommend Dave Pratt to anyone who wants to list their house for sale and needs an agent. We found Dave to be very professional, honest and prompt. He explained his plan to us for how he will market our home and carried out each step in a timely manner and exactly as he promised. He provided sound advice on where to price our house according to market conditions for quick movement. Dave also provided valuable input for us to consider in negotiating the best selling price when an offer was submitted, and without the frantic back-and-forth sign-backs that are often the case during offer presentations. Our house sold within only one week for over 97% of our asking price. We were very satisfied with the outcome and the fact that we could quickly move on with the rest of our plans. Thank you, Dave, for your excellent services!"
Agnes R., Pickering

Knowledge is King

Dave was extremely professional. With his help and knowledge, our house sold for 98% of the listing price.
Maureen B, Pickering

Pain free treatment

Dear Dave, Thank you so very much for making selling our home such a painless experience. We were pleased with your honest and down to earth approach. We appreciate that you were so straight forward about all aspects of the transaction and offered a lot of helpful advice. We were very happy that the house sold so quickly and for what we considered to have been an excellent price. We attribute this, in large part, to your professionalism and hard work in promoting this listing. It was certainly a pleasure working with you. Thanks again.
Joe C., Scarborough 

It's chilly up there

You could sell ice cubes to Eskimos.
Darren H., Innisfil

The right game plan

You had a marketing plan, you had a detailed strategy and you executed to perfection. Thanks
Doug C., Toronto

Taking care of Mom

Just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to Dave in the selling of my Mother's home of 32 years and the buying of her new home. He was patient and professional in all aspects and I have referred him to other family members and friends.
Marco L, Markham

No more surprises

Dave keeps us informed and up to date. His knowledge and experience in real estate is extensive and surprising. This is our 3rd transaction with him and we continue to be pleased with the outcome.
Nasim and Mirza, Scarborough

Obviously an excellent judge of character

Dave is professional, smart and honest. I worked with him to buy my home which turned out to be an excellent personal and financial investment.
John Z., Scarborough

Another happy couple !

Dave Pratt was our real estate agent for the purchase of our new home and the sale of our existing home. Dave was always very helpful and patient as he helped us search for the right home. He was very efficient in making an offer and securing the purchase. We were more than pleased with the quick sale and selling price of our existing home. We found Dave to be a highly professional and effective agent and a very sincere, likeable person to deal with. He helped make the entire process relatively painless. It was always a pleasure dealing with Dave Pratt.
Gail and George R., Unionville

Hear Ye ! Hear Ye !

To all potential buyers and sellers- Dave Pratt did a terrific job both purchasing our new house, and selling our existing one. Both transactions were handled very professionally. We were very confident in his knowledge of the market and knew we were getting the best service possible. He is a pleasure to deal with.
Lori and Gary R., Scarborough

Another happy camper

Thanks again for your excellent support throughout-it was really good and I felt super taken care of on behalf of our family.

Dan N.

If I wouldn't buy it myself.......

Thanks for your tireless efforts on our house search. You could easily have pressured us into a sale but have been very objective and helpful.

Tom and Kate

Aw Shucks.

OMG you did it !!!! Thanks Dave I know you were the man to sell it !!

Donna S.

Wow just Wow!

After seeing you for the first time in our house, Angelo asked me "how can you compare this guy to xxxxx  and I said that that's a very stupid question, there is no comparison at all. 

It's like from 100 % top to !00% bottom and Angelo was very happy and recognized your professionalism. 

Knowing how great a professional he was and how successful a businessmen he was I trusted him totally in his opinion.  He had nothing but the best to say about you. 

 So although I am dealing with Real Estate Agents almost on daily basis, I too, thought that you are the best of them. It's not about being cunning, lying, tricky etc.. 

, it's about being intelligent and knowing when, where and how. :)

Nancy B

Call me the dream weaver.

It is with special thanks to you to help us make our dream come true.


Graeme M.

She's a great judge of character

Thanks again for all your help - you are a great guy and a first class agent.

Jan. R.

No Aspirin Necessary

Thanks to your hard work, the entire process was painless.

Susan S.

No further comment necessary.

Thanks Pratt-Man! For everything you've done for me and my family. We are blessed to have you in our corner.
Chris C.

Trust is paramount

Thank you for all your help with this. It’s been such a difficult situation, as with my mom. But each time I had one less thing to worry about, because I know I can trust you.

Another grateful seller

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to give out my phone number.
Brian J.

How about some Titleists as well?

Thanks for everything Dave. I owe you a round of golf!
Jim A.

More Happy Campers


This is long overdue. A lot of you guys probably already know Dave and what a great guy he is. For those of you who don’t, and are looking for a real estate agent get in touch with him.

My wife and I spent nearly 3 years with Dave on our search for a home. I’m sure a lot of other realtors out there would’ve dumped us or pressured us into buying something that we weren’t comfortable with. Not Dave. He always had our interests first, he felt like family. He wouldn’t let us overpay, he even suggested we avoid putting an offer on a home after investigating the neighbours!

We finally found the perfect home for us to put down roots in Pickering. He’s a great negotiator (I’m still not sure how we got our house for what we paid) and he clearly went above and beyond for us.
My wife and I have been in our new home for about 5 months now and can't be happier. We’re so lucky we had Dave in our corner!

If you're looking for real estate advice I can't recommend him enough. 


Father knows best

Thanks Dave. We were all very pleased with the whole process. My dad had spoken highly of your knowledge in the world of real estate for years- clearly he had great judgment!

Spread the word!

Thanks for all the effort you put into our sale and we have already and will continue to let folks know the great job you do for prospective buyers/sellers.

Bob and Bev

Dave Pratt
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